Remember those times in your teens when you’d rummage through your purse only to find your favorite lip gloss missing? Do you have a sister? If so, your first response was probably to holler — “Did you really steal my lip gloss AGAIN?” Depending on the nature of your relationship, there may or may not have been certain epithets following that accusation.


But in hindsight, the occasional stolen “borrowed” lip gloss was a small price to pay for all the amazing benefits sisters have to offer when it comes to the beauty department. Our beauty routines would likely be vastly different if it hadn’t been for their influence. So in an homage to our original bathroom mirror buddies, we’ve put together a list of reasons our sisters are our beauty ride-or-die besties.

1. They let you experiment. We’re betting we’re not the only ones who accidentally burnt the bejeezus out of their kid sisters back when we were still learning to use a curling iron (sorry, Emily!). And while they may not have reacted all too well to the slightly torturous (but unintentional!) acts of experimentation they endured for the sake of beauty, it sure gave you an opportunity to hone your skills. And now, thanks to your sister acting as guinea pig, you’ve been able to master all kinds of fancy hair and makeup techniques. 

2. They know where your cowlick is. Does your hair curl in a weird zig-zag at the nape of your neck? Do you always forget to apply sunscreen to the tip of your nose? Are you prone to wearing your lipstick on your teeth? All that time spent sharing a bathroom counter with your sister has allowed you to become very familiar with each other’s beauty quirks. They’ll call you out on these little habits and help you work around any issues.

3. They will tell you the harsh truth. Not only do they know all your quirks, but sisters will never hesitate to tell you about them. Sure, no one wants their younger sister telling them they’ve “peaked” at the ripe age of 24, but you do want them telling you that your jet-black, red-streaked dye job made you look like a member of the Addams family. 

4. They always have better stuff. The grass is always greener, which means that when your sister gets the new long-awaited Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment eye shadow palette, you’re really quite envious. Lucky for you, she’ll probably let you try it. (Just don’t steal “borrow” it. Those days are over.) When you’re traveling together, this becomes an amazing perk. You forgot your hairspray? You’re in luck because surely your sis brought some!

5. You see your beauty in their beauty. Chances are, your sister looks like you. You have the same nose or the same eyes, the same dimples or the same cheekbones. And though you may not always feel like you’re beautiful, all it takes is one look at your sister to remember you are. Even if you’ve had a terrible breakout or are having a “fat day,” you see how beautiful she is and remember that you look like sisters!

6. They remember you at your worst. You burned those 4th-grade school photos of you with your less-than-flattering bowl cut, but your sister will never let you forget it. While this may make for humiliating conversation every once in a while, the real benefit here is that they won’t let history repeat itself. As soon as you let it slip that you’ve been considering a “really short bob,” they immediately (and sometimes gleefully) remind you how bad that particular style looked on you back in the day.

7. They know your insecurities (sometimes too well). While other people may look at you like you’re a crazy person when you spend 10 minutes using Dermablend to color-correct that small birthmark on your shoulder before donning a strapless dress, your sisters know how much it bothers you, and will sometimes help you out. They know when to push your buttons — but they also know when to give you encouragement and tell you how great you really look.

8. They give you the products they don’t want or need. Everyone has had that one foundation that was too dark or that one conditioner that was too oily. But just because it doesn’t work for your sister definitely doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, so try it!

9. They taught you that imitation is the best form of flattery. In junior high, if you and your best friend showed up wearing your hair in a twisted braid side bun on the same day, it was embarrassing. But when your sister copied your cool hairstyle, you were even more sure that you looked great. 

10. They force you out of your comfort zone. When a stranger tells you that you should try lilac lipstick, you laugh. But when your sister tells you the same thing, you think “Hm, maybe that’s a good idea!” And then you find out you look amazing in lilac lipstick. Who would’ve known?!


What beauty tips have your sisters taught you? Tell us about them in the comments!

Illustration by Kristine Payongayong


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