Diana Crisan Feb 22, 2016

We’ve (clearly) had contouring on the brain since like, 2014 and have zero plans of slowing down any time soon. We’ve contoured our noses, arms, cheekbones, lips, collarbones and even boobs, (yes, boobs) all in the name of makeup research. You’re welcome. So, to say that Makeup.com is kindaaa into contouring would be a serious understatement. And whether this trend dies down or lives on forever, you can guarantee that our cheekbones will remain chiseled until the end. Here’s why! 

Contouring Trend

1. We can drink all of the wine and have all of the sugar and STILL prevent puffy face. No one can stop us now!

2. Slimmer nose and perky boobs WITHOUT the nip/tuck. That $25 NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette sounds like a steal now, huh?

3. Have a heart-shaped face? Square? Diamond? Oval? No matter the face shape,  you can sculpt to your heart’s content!

4. We’re on board with any trend that can make our arms look buff without having to hit up the gym. More pizza, please!

5. Because we never get tired of hearing, “That contour is on- point!” Seriously, there’s no better compliment.

6. A perfect contour makes for the perfect selfie. And we all know the selfie game must be strong.

7. When your cheekbones are as sharp as glass, everything else just falls into place. This is a proven fact.

And if you missed any of our contouring tutorials, we’ve got plenty for ya!

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