Feb 18, 2016

We know. It’s a bold statement. It’s not often that we come across something we love more than pizza — trust us, the team orders it often (don’t judge). And while products upon products make their way across our desks daily, every now and then there’s one we all simultaneously become madly obsessed with. And let’s just say we ignored the pizza delivery guy completely when we discovered this creamy, colorful wonder. Now THAT is a rare occurrence!

Cream Blush

Love at First Sight Application 

Picture this: The team has just received a package while waiting for their usual Friday lunch order of pizza (duh). It’s makeup (also duh). They come across the YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush in Orange Fougueux. Orange blush. At first glance, you would think that’s unusual — but we’ve seen stranger. Much stranger. And with spring nearing, we’ve been itching for some brightly colored makeup to try out.

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Naturally, we ran straight to a mirror to smear our cheeks and lips with this air- whipped mousse formula. Next up was silence, observation … and then the emotions started kicking in at full force. The blendable texture made the orange shade look soft and glowy on each of our (very different) skin tones. While we’re digging the orange  — and probably love it more because it reminds us of pizza! — there are 11 other shades of this stuff we can’t get enough of!

Like any great love story, this newfound relationship needed to be documented in the best way we know how: an orange blush tutorial. Oh, and if you’re wondering how the tale ended, the smell of pizza made its way over to us, reminding us of our very first love. Far be it for us to not indulge in some cheesy goodness!



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