May 5, 2016

OK, we admit it. On a list of our top favorite inventions, gel nails are right up there with the iPhone and pizza. These innovative manicures single-handedly changed the nail game. It's one of those things we didn't realize we were missing until we got onboard the gel train and were like, "Oh, got it. Now we see the light." Gels look better than a regular mani, they feel better, and — most importantly — they stay put. So, in honor of our devotion to gels, we've come up with a list of all the reasons we love them. In fact, as soon as we're finished writing this, we're headed straight to the salon to get — you guessed it — a gel manicure.

Gel nails

1. They last for weeks.

This is our favorite reason to love gels. A regular mani can chip after a few days (especially if you do it yourself), but a gel manicure lasts much longer. And there's nothing better than a blissful two weeks of chip-free nails.

2. They're perfect for super busy lives.

If you don't have time to make the constant trek to the nail salon, get gels. The long-lasting formula allows for less trips to the salon, so you have time to tend to your busy schedule. They're also great for when you're going on a vacation and don't want to worry about touch-ups during your trip.

3. They don't harm your nails like acrylics.

Acrylics can damage your nail beds and the process involves harsh chemicals. But gels are a much healthier option for your nails and more eco-friendly.

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4. They dry faster.

Waiting for your nails to dry can sometimes feel like waiting for Prince Charming in that it seems like an eternity. If you’re anything like us, you typically lose patience,  leave too soon and wind up with a smudge. But gel manicures are dried with an LED light, so the wait time is much shorter.

5. They have a high-gloss finish.

The reason you probably get way more compliments on a gel manicure than you do on a regular one is because of its high-gloss finish. Gel manis look extra shiny, so be prepared to be flattered like crazy.

6. They look natural.

If you're worried about gels looking fake, stop right now. Acrylics have an artificial look to them, but gels look very natural — just like regular polish, but smoother and glossier.

7. The removal process is super easy.

Yes, gels look great, but is the removal process a headache? Nope. Gels come off easily with gel nail polish remover. (Just make sure you’re not chipping these bad boys off by hand — that can lead to trouble.)

8. You can do them at home now.

You don't have to go to the salon to get gels. You can do them at home if you get a gel manicure kit. The kits come with all the tools you need, including a mini LED light for drying. You can also try options like the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3 or essie Gel-Setter.

Illustration: Kelli Townsend



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