Angela Melero Feb 9, 2016

In just a few days we will be celebrating the most romantic holiday of the year. The one day devoted to celebrating that “special someone” in our lives: Valentine’s Day. Well, we don’t know about you, but we only have eyes for one thing this year (sorry significant other!). This year, we’re gushing about that magical product that makes all things right in our world — lipstick. Take a look at the 5 reasons our Valentine is lipstick!

Why We Love Lipstick

It’s Consistent.

We love a relationship that never wavers. With lipstick, you never have to worry if it will change color or not show up (on your lips). Whether it’s bright red, fuchsia, or nude, this little tube will always deliver and give you the color and quality you want. How’s that for loyalty?

It Cheers You Up Instantly.

No moodiness or bad breakup with this beauty soulmate! Lipstick has the power to transform our look and boost that self-esteem immediately. Even if we’re rocking a simple jeans and T-shirt combo or LBD, a little lippie takes us from “bleh” to “BOOM” in under a minute (depending on how quickly you apply it).

It’s Easy on the Eyes.

Talk about good lookin’! We don’t know what we love more, the pretty, pretty color or the packaging? Either way, we can’t avert our eyes when walking down the makeup aisle. It’s like a magnetic pull that sucks us in and holds our attention.

It Doesn’t Stray.

Lipstick is monogamous in that it sticks to its designated territory: your lips. The only time you have to worry about any sort of movement is if you haven’t properly prepped or applied. But, for the most part, lipstick stays put and has no plans on leaving your side (er, mouth).

It’s a Great Kisser.

Pucker up! Your lippie knows how to lay on the smooch! With a pop of red or pink, this makeup product gives the perfect kiss that leaves the perfect mark. 



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