Oh, matte lipstick, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. You're bold, you're sophisticated and, most importantly, you’re not sticky. Clearly, there are lots of reasons to love matte lipstick. It's a major beauty trend right now, and we could wax poetic about the topic for hours. So in honor of our matte obsession, we've come up with six reasons this beauty look is absolutely everything.

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#1. It's High Fashion.

Matte lipstick has an editorial, high-fashion look to it. It's kind of like lip gloss' older, more sophisticated sister. It lends your ensemble a straight-from-the-runways vibe without spending a fortune on designer threads.

#2. It Makes a Statement.

If you want a statement lip in a bold hue, matte is the perfect option. Its velvety finish makes color look extra-saturated and intense. And since matte lipstick makes for a focal point on the face,  you don't need much else in the way of makeup. Let your statement lip do all the talking.

#3. It's Long-Lasting.

If your lipstick isn't kiss-proof, then it's not doing its job. Lipsticks with a shiny finish can smudge and fade, but matte formulas are known for their staying power. And that means fewer touch-ups — even after lunch.

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#4. It Looks Gorgeous All Year Long.

Matte lipstick isn't a seasonal trend. A deep mulberry lip looks fabulous in the winter while an electric pink matte lip looks gorgeous in the summer. Matte lipstick is especially great in the hotter months, as it won't melt or get goopy in the heat like lip gloss can.

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#5. It Doesn't Feather.

Feathering entails your lipstick bleeding out, seeping into the fine lines in your skin (hence, the "feathering"). High-gloss lipsticks with a waxy finish feather more easily than other formulas. Matte lipsticks, on the other hand, are heavily pigmented and tend to stay put on your lips — right where you want them.

#6. And Last But Definitely Not Least—It's Not Sticky.

We like our cinnamon buns sticky, but not our lips. There's nothing worse than super-goopy, ultra-shiny lip gloss that sucks stray hairs into its vortex. Nothing. That’s why we love a matte finish so very much: There's nothing goopy, icky or sticky about it. You can wear matte lipstick on the windiest day and you won't have any stray hairs sticking to your lips. We’re way on-board for that.

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