While there never really needs to be a “real” reason to play with makeup and hair, there are a few indicators as to why we should. If your beauty routine hasn’t changed since high school … or the ’90s … it’s time for an upgrade. And here’s why!

Makeover Reasons

1. You should broaden your beauty horizons. It’s easy to find yourself stuck in a (beauty) rut. If you’ve been using the same foundation, blush and bronzer for years, you may not realize that there are more flattering options and shades out there for you! Go to a beauty counter or take a makeup lesson (maybe even “hire” that BFF of yours with mad makeup skills in exchange for some Starbucks) and have them go to town. While a rainbow smoky eye may not be your cup of tea, a nude swipe of shadow or new lip color could really spruce up your look!

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2. It could jumpstart BIG changes. Never take the power of a new haircut for granted. It could land you that boost of confidence you needed to find your dream job, an ideal partner, new friends, new hobbies — a whole new and exciting life!

3. Pampering yourself reduces major stress. Shopping for makeup = stress relief. The excitement of testing out new releases, the relaxation of getting a mani-pedi, the newfound self-assurance of finally getting that lob — nothing takes your mind off that big work project or jerk who won’t text you back like taking care of your mind, body and soul. Er, your makeup, brows and skin (same thing, right?)!

4. Your current routine just isn’t cutting it. A makeover doesn’t just stop with your makeup! If your mattifying moisturizer isn’t mattifying, your nail polish chips in a day, your foundation is constantly crumbling and your mascara is running … you (and your beauty routine) are in need of a makeover. What’s the point of using these products if they insist on making promises they can’t keep? Find things that really work for you, so that you can look and feel your best (because remember, big changes ahead!).

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5. Most importantly, because you don’t need a reason! This essentially encompasses everything and nothing because at the end of the day, why the heck not? It’s fun, fun and oh, loads of fun! Order some pizza and invite your friends, cousins, mom, grandma and have everyone try new looks. You’re never too old to play dress up with your beauty stash. Never. 

We've got some makeup tips and tutorials for your makeover here! 

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