Diana Crisan Dec 17, 2015

It’s simple, really. Investing in this beauty hack will change the way you go about impromptu sleepovers, late-night dates, work parties, client meetings or anything else that can potentially pop up and leave you unprepared in the makeup department. Think about it, if you’re spending the night somewhere that isn’t home, or going to a concert after work, you have to plan ahead, pack up and lug around your entire beauty stash — or at least the essentials, which can get kinda annoying. So, what’s the quick fix? Doubling up!

Makeup Bag

Why You Should Invest in a Second Set

We know, it sounds crazy. Pricey, really. But, think about how many times you tote around your bulky stash and how much easier life would be if you just duplicated it, and left one at your work desk or in your car. We’re not saying you have to double-down on your $64 Giorgio Armani Maestro Bronzer, but having two sets of makeup (even if they don’t match exactly) means never having to forget your makeup again or revert to using your friend’s foundation, which, by the way, doesn’t even match your skin tone.

Here’s a list of beauty essentials you might want to double-up on:

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