For the most part, my days consist of the same procedures: reluctantly roll out of bed, eat a breakfast bar, drive through traffic to get to work, rush to an evening exercise class, cook up some healthy din (maybe get an episode of  Game of Thrones in) and hit the hay. The same can be said about my personal upkeep: Face mask every Sunday, mani/pedi every two weeks, brow grooming every month, hair cut/color every three months. It’s like I’m the drill sergeant of my life. And, while I’m all for spontaneity and spicing things up here and there, a set schedule makes me feel efficient and accomplished (like checking something off of my life’s to-do list!). So, it’s only natural that I would apply this approach to my daily makeup routine, right? After much trial and error, this is the schedule that makes me feel like a true adult in the beauty department:

beauty hacks

By the time I finally get myself out from under the covers, I have about 20 minutes to make myself presentable. And after several years of trial and error, I have these makeup steps down to a science. Every morning, I use the same makeup products, apply them the same way in the same amount of time (give or take a few seconds, I’m no robot) and because of this, I am never late. Well, unless that Los Angeles traffic rears its ugly head … but, nevermind that.

My routine goes a little something like this: (Oh, and not to brag, but I’ve been known to cut corners even more and complete an everyday look in 90 seconds. Just call me a makeup wizard.)

Step 1. Wet makeup sponge and apply a medium-coverage BB cream like my daily La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur.

Step 2. Dab concealer to the under-eye area, eyelids, around my nose and middle of my forehead.

Step 3. Move on to my can’t-live-without contour process. All I need is a matte bronzer and angled brush and I’m chiseled in seconds.

Step 4. Swipe some highlighter along the top of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose.

Step 5. Fill in brows with a brow gel. I use the L’Oreal Professional Brow Plumper because it’s foolproof (and idiot-proof — seriously).

Step 6. Curl lashes and coat them in several layers of a volumizing mascara.

That’s it. In timing this process, I’ve estimated that it takes roughly eight minutes of my morning, leaving me with enough time to pick out an outfit (and change two or three times, if needed). I know that this may not work for everyone (a cat eye alone can take 20 minutes, I get it), and while experimenting with makeup is half — or all — the fun, it’s good to know what works for you and your face when you’re in a pinch! And, locking down a trusty makeup routine has its benefits:


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