Jan 22, 2015

We’re right on top of our summer pedicures, always keeping our feet sandal-ready. But as the weather grows colder, our feet tend to “go in” for winter — with dry, rough feet and chipped toenails as the bummer result. You didn't know we knew your winter-toes secret, did you? Sorry!

winter feet

Cold weather doesn't have to mean letting our toes go. Here's how to have feet that look hot even though they may feel cold:

Stick to the professionals. Don’t hold out on pampering yourself with a professional pedicure just because it's winter. Treating your toes to pedicures every few weeks will leave your overworked (and overplayed!) toes happier. In fact, add a paraffin foot wrap to your monthly pedicures November through March, suggests Diorina D'Amore of Pierre & Carlo European Salon Spa in Pennsylvania.

Stay fresh. Exfoliation is key to keeping your feet and toenails healthy. A sugar or sea salt scrub will remove roughness and help with the build-up of callouses and corns, which are not only embarrassing, but can also be painful! After you exfoliate, immerse your feet in water containing your favorite essential oils. Keep a pumice stone or foot file in your shower to use twice-weekly on rough areas, suggests D’Amore.

Let toes breathe. When your feet do come out in during the winter, your lovely toenails are always the focal point, so they should be priority when caring for feet. Keep toenails short, and remove polish periodically to allow your nail beds to breathe. After removing leftover polish, whiten your nails with real lemon juice. When you shape nails, trim them straight across, and file regularly to avoid painful ingrown nails.

Shades of winter. We choose pastels and brights for spring and summer, but winter is a great time to go with deeper, darker, bold shades. Urban Decay Vegan Nail Color in Zodiac is a celestial, shimmery midnight blue your toes will love. Start with a base coat to prevent nail yellowing, and then paint two coats of your color of choice. Nail polish colors set best if we avoid wearing socks or shoes for about eight hours following a pedicure, so a great time to paint those toes may be when you are in for the night, pre-bedtime! Apply a clear coat every other night to maintain the color and prevent chipping.

You’ll thank us. It's not like no one ever sees your toes during winter. When curled up by the fire or on a cozy evening in with friends, a well-kempt set of toes will be a hit every time. Plus, keeping up with your foot care during winter will give you much less catch-up work once spring sandals roll around!

What are your favorite winter polish shades? Share in the comments!

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