Snowball fights, ice-skating, snowman building…we love winter for the outdoor fun, but the cold air’s effect on our hair? Not so much. Dryness and brittleness are our two biggest enemies this season – add in flyaways and static, and you’ve got yourself the stuff of winter hair nightmares. Luckily, we’ve fought our fair share of hair battles and are here to share our tips on emerging victorious.

1.) Deep condition

Sometimes your everyday conditioner just doesn’t cut it. Use a deep conditioner like Kérastase Masque Nutri-Thermique for an extra dose of moisture – not only will it smooth your strands, but the more concentrated formula will leave behind a smoothing film that prevents flyaways and frizz. For extra conditioning, try braiding your locks and leaving the treatment on overnight; if you have fine hair, just make sure to skip your roots so your hair doesn’t get weighed down.  

kerastase mask

2.) Ionize

Flyways stand no chance against the ultimate frizz-busting weapon: the ionic hairdryer.  These moisture-zapping tools generate negative ions to reduce frizz and compress the hair shaft, leaving you with smooth, shiny strands. Use a heat-protecting serum before you blast the heat to protect your hair cuticle – we’re fans of Redken Hot Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist – Heat Protectant Spray.  

redken hot sets

3.) Crème Cocktail

Think of your hair as a sponge – dry, porous hair will suck up moisture in the air around you and leave you with frizzy flyaways. Combat this by loading up on our favorite hair concoction: gel and serum. Mix a tiny dab of styling gel with your favorite serum or smoothing crème, and distribute through your locks before styling.  See ya, frizzies!  

4.) Sheet Savior

This might just be our favorite trick in the book. Next time your hair is showing signs of static, simply run a dryer sheet lightly over your locks.  The sheet will smooth frizzies and get rid of static in a snap!  


How do you deal with winter flyways? Tell us in the comments!

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