Here at, we're always on the lookout for top-of-the-line beauty gurus to share advice on hair, makeup and skin care. Today, we are thrilled to have nail expert Kait Mosh teach us how to create an amazing art-deco mani that’s perfect for the New Year! Take it away Kait!

Winter Nail Art Tutorial



Step 1: Start with clean, manicured hands wiped clean with alcohol or acetone.

Step 2: Apply your base coat. 

Step 3: Brush on two thin coats of your nude polish. Allow five minutes for the polish to dry.

Step 4:  Using your pigmented black polish and nail art brush, paint black half-moon-like shapes on each finger (as pictured). Don't worry about making a mess on your finger or making them perfectly shaped — it’s art! Any excess polish on the skin can easily be cleaned up using a small brush and some acetone.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 using your pigmented red polish and allow five minutes for the polish to dry. (This is important! If you don’t wait it out, the black and red polish could streak and the design may be ruined by your top coat.)

Step 6: Top off the look with your top coat and apply cuticle oil on the skin around the nail.


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