Get your black-flame candle ready, ladies! This is a witchy Spotify playlist you won’t want to miss. All Hallows’ Eve celebrates the black magic in all of us, so we thought it was apropos to put together a playlist of get-ready-with-me music to feed your inner witchy soul.

As a bone-us (ha, see what we did there?), create this cool half-moon holographic lip to truly embody Halloween vibes. Using the NYX Professional Liquid Suede Matte Lipstick and a nice white and black base, this lip art will have heads rolling in every direction.


Now get to some brewin' and listen below....



About the Author:Alanna Martine Kilkeary is a native New Yorker and an assistant beauty editor at She has had the opportunity to grace the digital pages of Harper's BAZAAR, Rolling Stone and Teen Vogue with her words and skills. She runs a literary infused fashion blog in her free time, her heart belongs to William Shakespeare, and most importantly, she believes that Wes Anderson should serve as art director for the entire universe.

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