For most of us, the workplace is where we need to be the best (and most behaved) version of ourselves. Our wardrobes are more crisp and reserved, our tones are always calm and never go above a certain octave (for the most part), we always remember to say our pleases and thank yous and our profanity is left at home. Does all of this sound about right? Another thing we keep in check at work is our makeup. Work-appropriate makeup is typically kept simple, natural and, in our humble opinion, boring. While we’re not telling you to wear black lipstick or feathered faux lashes, we definitely want to encourage you to think outside the box a bit when it comes to your everyday workplace beauty routine. Take a look at a few of our pointers. Now, get back to work!

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Get Catty
While a cat eye may seem a little too va va voom for work, when done right, it can be the perfect upgrade to your daily makeup routine. Try a subtle, thin, slightly winged liner that will accentuate your eyes and make them look bigger. This look could definitely help you look more awake at the next company meeting! For a precise cat eye go for a liquid or gel liner. We love Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.

See Red
Who says you can’t rock the red at work? A vibrant red pout can be a sassy-yet-classy touch to that pencil skirt and blouse combo. It also shows the boss you’ve got spunk! Try a classic red shade like Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in Spice.

Rock a Braid … or Two
No need to waltz into work with a mohawk or bright pink dye job just to turn heads. A chic braided hairstyle will do the job just fine! Try a messy side fishtail braid, braided bun or even some super-cute milkmaid braids.

Go Wild With Your Nails
In most jobs, it’s totally acceptable to have a ton of fun with your nails because they aren’t front-and-center on your face. Whether it’s with festive, seasonal nail art (pumpkins, candy canes, shamrocks — whatever floats your boat), bright, glittery finishes, or interesting textures, the sky’s the limit! This is a great way to express yourself and show your coworkers that there’s more to you than just great hair.

Smell Lovely
“You smell nice.” These are three simple little words, yet they can have a pretty substantial impact on your workplace reputation. Don’t you want to be known as the girl who always smells nice? Go for a sweet, romantic scent like Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance — it’s a real crowd-pleaser! But don’t overdo it! To make sure you can’t be detected by smell alone by a mile away, apply a moisturizer to your body, then spritz 2-3 sprays of perfume out in front of you, and walk through.

Show Some Shimmer (Not Glitter)
The office is not the place to look like a Vegas showgirl, but it is a place you can let your face shine a bit (seriously, just a bit). Swipe some shimmery shadow on your lids or lightly dust some illuminating powder to give your face a little healthy shine. Glow, baby glow!

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Which of these beauty looks will you rock to work tomorrow? Do tell in the comments below!

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