Makeup lovers are faced with little decisions on the daily: nude or vamp lip; mascara or falsies; pink or red nails. Luckily, once a choice is made, you can change your mind at a moment’s notice—nothing is set in stone. But what if that wasn’t the case?

We dare you to engage in a little game of “Would You Rather,” where we ask you to make some tough beauty decisions: Would you rather wax off your eyebrows or never contour again?

Choose wisely or you could find yourself wearing black lipstick forever!

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1. Would You Rather: Accidentally wax off your eyebrows or never wear lipstick again?

The choice is ultimately yours, but we say a life without lipstick is no life at all. Besides, if you accidentally removed your eyebrows, they'd grow back eventually. And don’t forget, using a brow pencil to draw on a temporary pair of eyebrows is always an option, too.

That said, if you consider your eyebrows sacred territory, you could opt for the lipstick loophole and wear tinted lip gloss to your heart’s content.

Decisions, decisions ...

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2. Would You Rather: Have short eyelashes or sparse eyebrows?

We get that this is a zero-sum game, but to soften the blow, consider the following …

One: There are a number of lengthening mascaras out there. 

And two: We know the secret to achieving Cara Delevingne eyebrows

With these tips in mind, which do you feel is the lesser of two evils?

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3. Would You Rather: Wear black lipstick to a job interview or blue lipstick on a first date?

If you arrived at the office wearing black lipstick, we’d consider hiring you on the spot. But we realize others might not share our enthusiasm for lip art. Besides, if a guy digs you in blue lipstick, he’s worth seeing again.

Beauty Lovers Nail Polish

4. Would You Rather: Be forced to wear neon nail polish or pastel nail polish for the rest of your life?

Neon nail art or pastel nail art, that is the question. Fortunately, whichever hue you choose, essie has your back with countless color options and nail art tutorials to choose from. We love a silver lining.

Contouring and Strobing

5.  Would You Rather: Be limited to contouring or strobing for the rest of your life?

This pains us to ask, but we’re dying to know. Would you rather give up sculpted cheekbones or the highlighter that makes your skin glow like fresh morning dew?

Of course, you wouldn’t have to give up either with Lancôme Le Duo, a two-in-one product that features a cream-based highlighter on one end and contour cream on the other. Now that’s smart!

No, really. Blue or black lipstick? Let us know in the comments below!

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