We’re faced with making decisions every day. What to wear? How to do our makeup in the morning? Latte or cold brew? Pizza or tacos for lunch?

While there’s no wrong answer for many of these day-to-day decisions, what if you had to pick one, and stick with it … forever? While the choice between pizza and tacos doesn’t exactly sound like a nightmare, deliberating over this newest set of “Would You Rather” questions for beauty lovers won’t be as easy. As in, you could get stuck with runny mascara or a botched spray tan. So, choose wisely and tell us where you stand in the comments below!


Makeup Beauty Game

1. Would You Rather: Have lipstick on your teeth or smudged mascara during a meeting with your CEO?

Okay, so let’s start here: this is a lose/lose situation.

Going into any meeting with your boss requires one last look in the mirror and implementing a quick makeup fix could result in a promo. Fingers crossed. But, if you’re bombarded by a last-minute working sesh with your superior, would you rather have to walk in with your lashes clumped together or your teeth covered in lipstick?

We’ll just leave these lipstick hacks here for next time.


Makeup Beauty Game

2. Would You Rather: Only be able to wear a cat eye or red lipstick for the rest of your life?

Apples to oranges, right?

Sure, they’re both bold looks, but each has a very different point to make. If you had to choose either of these classic makeup looks, which would you choose? If you’re leaning towards liner but think you’ll run late every morning, this cat eye tutorial will have you out the door in no time.


Would You Rather

3. Would You Rather: Have hair down to your knees or a pixie cut for the next 10 years?

As straightforward as this question seems, there are a lot of factors to consider: How would your routine change, how would you style these looks, how much time would it take to maintain each, and will your parents or significant other like either of them? Although, we’ll do as we wish, right?

So, do you make the chop or pull a Rapunzel?


Makeup Beauty Game

4. Would You Rather: Have a botched spray tan on vacation or forget to pack your makeup bag?

Think of your fave vacation spot. Miami? New York? LA?

Imagine yourself there with your friends and family having a fabulous time until … you can’t find your makeup bag. It vanished, and with it went all your essential beauty products. Worst. Thing. Ever.

Or, maybe you’re strutting around town with the gals and you look down to admire your new pumps and … streaks aaaaaall over your legs. How did the promise of a golden glow turn into a spray tan nightmare? C,mon, which would you rather?


Would You Rather

5. Would You Rather: Wear lip art or a dotted cat eye when meeting your in-laws for the first time?

Time to make an already hyper-stressful situation even more stressful. You’re now faced with sporting an avant garde (and on-trend, might we add) makeup style while meeting your future family.

Lip art is risky business for many reasons, especially if you’re eating, or talking, or pretty much moving. But then again, the dotted cat eye may be much when you’re trying to maintain good eye contact with your new dad. Although, we will say, you in-laws will think you’re pretty darn cool either way you choose.


So, cat eye or red lipstick forever? Let us know in the comments below!

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