ajackson Dec 16, 2011
I have a handful of holiday parties to attend in the coming days and I've just been thinking about how many women (dear friends and family, mind you) I will see with lipstick on their teeth. It's a random thought, I know. But last year around this same time I was face to face with five ladies whose lip lacquer had migrated onto their front chompers. And guess what I did? NOTHING. I was frozen with embarrassment,  and unsure how to tell them that they looked crazy. This year will be different. I went to Gail Sagel, a makeup artist and owner of Faces Beautiful, to find out how I can be better prepared for the sticky situation.  “The most tactful way to tell someone she has lipstick on her teeth is to motion your own finger across your teeth at the same time as making eye contact with her," she says. "When she sees you sliding your finger across your top teeth, she will imitate you and make the connection." Oh, so I don't even have too say anything? SWEET. Worried you'll be the one walking around the party with lipstick on your teeth? Sagel suggests wearing a lipstain under a longwear lipstick, and blot the color with a tissue after you apply it. That way the excess goes on the tissue and not on your teeth. Personally, I'm not a big lipstick wearer. But when I do, I swipe it on and then always take a swig of ice water from a styrofoam cup. It's something about the styrofoam blotting away the excess and the ice water locking down what's left. And, not to brag, but I've never once had lipstick on my teeth...I don't think.


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