Jun 25, 2015

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With the changing of seasons comes an inevitable change in our beauty routines. This summer, you’ve likely found yourself switching up your beauty style at least a little bit. But what’s your best summer look? YSL created three mind-blowing beauty looks for summer, and we’re obsessed. Want to know which one fits you best? Check out our flowchart!

YSL Beauty Quiz

Pop Water

You’re the life of the party! Forget neutrals — you’re all about bright pops of color this season. And you’ll never say no to a vibrant lippie or pigmented blush that perfectly matches your mani of the moment!

Luminous Perfection

You glowing goddess, you! Your makeup is more on the natural side, with a sweet splash of pink on your pout and a luminous radiance that catches everyone’s eye! Your sweetheart appearance calls for a dash of blush, long beautiful lashes and most importantly — a highlighter that’s always on hand!  

Rock Chic

Like Cara Delevingne, you’re a beauty rebel! A sultry smoky palette and plenty of mascara are always the favorites in your beauty stash. Who can blame you? Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter with the girls or going out for a hot date — you won’t pass up the opportunity to rock an intense smoky eye!

So, which one did you get?
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