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Apr 21
eco friendly improvments
Spotlight, Tips And Tutorials

Easy Eco-Friendly Improvements to Your Daily Routine

Nope, we’re not talking about tossing out your makeup stash and dressing yourself in hemp. But there are a few simple things that you can do to make your daily beauty regimen more amenable to Mama Nature. Bonus karma points: These tips will totally do wonders for your look, too. 1. Avoid using disposable applicators. […]

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Apr 19
braiding trick
Hair, Spotlight, Tips And Tutorials

The Back-to-Basics Braiding Trick

We know most everyone learns to braid about the same time they learn to tie their shoes. But that doesn’t necessarily translate into the beautiful, elegant braiding techniques that are so hot these days. Sure, you know how to braid, but does it look like one soft, sinewy rope when you’re done or is it […]

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Apr 17
pastel pinstripe nails
Nail, Spotlight, Tips And Tutorials

Manicure Tutorial: Pastel Pinstripe Nails

 If you’ve ever mixed a floral skirt with a polka-dotted top, you know that unlikely combinations can yield beautiful results. While pinstripes may have first come onto the scene in the form of stuffy office attire, it seems they are better suited for the sunny days of spring. Of course, the pastel-on-pastel trend pretty much […]

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Apr 04
best products to borrow from your man
General, Spotlight, Tips And Tutorials

The Best Products to Borrow (Steal) From Your Man

Let’s be honest — when it comes to products, we ladies are the experts. Step aside, men. We try things here and there; some we toss, some we keep. We curate a small bag of essentials that follows us everywhere. We know what works … but we aren’t afraid to keep experimenting. We may have […]

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Apr 02
easy ways to relax
Spotlight, Tips And Tutorials

Stress Awareness Month: Easy Ways to Relax

It’s easy to tell someone to “just relax.” But in an upsetting or chaotic situation, it can seem nearly impossible to force yourself to relax. The worst part is that often the best ways to relieve stress seem counterintuitive. Working out after a long day? The last thing you want to do. Taking five minutes […]

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Apr 02
best lip gloss
Makeup, Spotlight

Get Glossy: The Best Lip Glosses for Spring

It’s time to take serious inventory of our makeup bags. There is nothing better than trying new shades of lip gloss, an inevitable and instant pick-me-up. The glossier the better, the shinier the prettier; it’s time to get glossy with my top lip gloss picks for this fun and colorful season! 1. Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Flash […]

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