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Dec 19
eyebrow shaping tutorial
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Video: The Busy Girl’s Guide – Brow Shaping in 5 Minutes

We’ve said it before and we’ll undoubtedly say it again, shapely eyebrows are an essential component of any–scratch that–every beauty look. The eyebrows frame your entire face and when properly maintained can make you look younger. The color and fullness of your brows is entirely up to you. You may be a “bigger, bolder the [...]

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Dec 18
natural full eyelashes
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Video: Full, Lush Lashes

Full, never-ending, skyscraping…all words we’d like to describe our lashes (and our beauty budgets, but that’s another story). Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with lashes that live up to that description – that’s what falsies were invented for, after all. But no matter how much we love a fluttery false fringe, they’re usually [...]

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Dec 12
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Video: The Busy Girl’s Guide – The 6-Minute Smokey Eye

You’ve mastered the quick workday hairstyle, the desk to date night transition and even the modern French manicure in minutes. Clearly, busy girls can do everything the blessed-with-time set can do. True; you may not have time to spend hours in front of the mirror perfecting every last detail of your makeup, but that doesn’t [...]

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Dec 11
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Video: Faux Bob

We’re going to come clean and admit it – we’re just a little commitment-shy here at MDC. To give us some credit, it’s not that we haven’t tried…it’s just that it’s hard to decide on just one look when there are so many new lipsticks to admire, eyeshadows to ponder and sparkly manis to try. [...]

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Dec 05
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Video: The Busy Girl’s Guide – Quick Workday Hairstyles

Workday mornings can be rough. You’re late, there’s a run in your tights and you can’t find your earrings—sound familiar? The last thing you’d ever think about doing in those crazed, pre-caffeine minutes is spending a significant amount of time styling and perfecting your hair. Since we know looking glamorous—without the legwork—is perpetually at the [...]

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Dec 04
galaxy nails tutorial
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Video: Galaxy Nails

Here at MDC, we’re firm believers that the sky is the limit when it comes to nail art. YouTube super star, Charis, happens to think that sometimes you have to set your sights even higher than the sky…case in point: her galaxy nails. Today, she’s here to show you how to make your nails shine [...]

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