How to Apply Mascara for Maximum Volume

How to Apply Mascara for Maximum Volume

Learn how to turn up the volume on your lashes.

As someone with short, tiny lashes, I am super jealous of anyone with lashes that don’t need any help to stand out. For me, that means countless YouTube videos and trips to trying to find the perfect mascara: one that’s not too clumpy but creates the right amount of volume. After trying out a bunch — mostly by way of friends’ random suggestions — I’m still searching for my holy grail mascara (Victoria’s Secret mascara was my everything until it was discontinued), but I’ve been brushing up on my skills for when I do find the one.

Tip One: Clean Your Brush Well

A clumpy wad of mascara on your brush will get you nowhere. Asides from being gross, it’s also more difficult to get long, luscious lashes when your brush is clogged with makeup from months ago. Most mascaras have a built-in brush wiper that removes excess product when you pull the wand from the tube. (You should hear a “schlooping” sound.) If it still looks gunky, wipe it off on a clean damp cloth — just be sure to use one that won’t leave tiny fibers on your brush.

Tip Two: Apply at an Angle

Angles are everything! On the ‘gram, IRL, and definitely when you apply your mascara. As you apply, wiggle the brush outward for increased volume. Applying at an angle also helps to get each and every lash. Pro tip: Bend your mascara brush for those hard to reach areas.


Tip Three: Wiggle at the Roots

Don’t be afraid of your mascara wand! It won’t hurt you (we promise). Get in at the base of your lashes, and wiggle. This will ensure that you’re distributing product along the length of your lashes and will leave your lashes looking longer than you ever thought possible. Plus, the thicker your lashes look at the base, the less need  you’ll have for eyeliner.



Tip Four: Layer, Layer and Layer Some More

Layering mascara is a serious skill. Too much and it’s clumpy; not enough and it wasn’t worth it in the first place. Everyone has their sweet spot when it comes to the number of coats needed to achieve maximum volume, but we recommend at least five. (Makeup artist Amy Nadine suggests 30 times per eye! Clearly, this is a personal choice.) Don’t be afraid to mix mascaras either! Every mascara is formulated differently so sometimes it takes a little creativity — and patience, to get it just right!

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