Your Step-by-Step Guide for Great Natural Brows Without Makeup

By: Deven Hopp | by L'Oréal
Your Step-by-Step Guide for Great Natural Brows Without Makeup

Try as we might to recruit everyone over to the bold brows camp, some women just prefer the natural look when it comes to their eyebrows. Don’t get us wrong; we can find a time and place for every beauty look under the sun so we admit, on occasion, we too wear brows makeup-free.

So today, we’re putting down the brow pencil and powder. Whether you’re interested in trying something new or just looking for tips to enhance what you already do, join us on our adventure in au naturel eyebrows.

Check out this tutorial below on exactly how to reshape and groom your brows — and ahead, see the step by step on how to achieve the look.

Step 1: Trim

A natural eyebrow doesn’t mean an unruly eyebrow (unless of course you prefer an edgier look). Use a spoolie brush to brush your brows directly up. Carefully trim any hairs that are visibly longer than your natural brow shape.

Step 2: Tweeze

The look is still supposed to be slightly unkempt, so only tweeze away the obvious strays. The aim should not be perfection. Rather, you’re only trying to remove any hairs that are distracting.

Step 3: Brush

Brush your brows into place by sweeping up and out, away from the center of your face. Resist the urge to guide every little hair down as you go. Brushed up brows look fresh and modern, especially when they’re not filled in.

Step 4: Set

Set the shape with a dab of clear lip balm (we like to use Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1). It’s not as stiff as brow wax or gel but will hold the hairs where you want them and also darken them up just a touch.   

Do you wear your brows au naturel? Share your eyebrow look of choice in the comments below.

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