#WCW: Canadian Makeup artist Chelsea Bice

August 15, 2018
Aurelie Garotta
By: Aurelie Garotta | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
#WCW: Canadian Makeup artist Chelsea Bice

#WomanCrushWednesday celebrates our favorite beauty personalities.

Dermablend Professional's national make-up artist and educator Chelsea Bice, has been in the industry for more than 15 years, today she shares her story, her favourite makeup at the moment and her passion for puppies!

How did you get started in makeup industry?

From a very young age I have been OBSESSED with makeup (see picture below).When I finished high school and it was time to pick a career, I had no idea that “makeup schools” existed and that this could become a real profession. After being turned down for jobs at various beauty stores for lack of experience, it lead me to see how I could get more experience and I found you could actually go to school to become a certified makeup artist.


What moment in your career (so far!) are you most proud of?

Getting to be on Cityline!It is such an iconic show in Canada and I have admired so many great talents in the industry on the show, so to be on myself (now more than once) was a huge career goal for me.

What's your favourite beauty product at the moment?

Dermablend’s Intense Powder Camo foundation.I have never tried a powder foundation that gives that much coverage yet does not look or feel dry. It’s a life changer. So fast and easy

Aside from a wallet and phone, what do you keep in your bag at all times?


If you weren't doing your job, what would you be doing and why?

I wish I worked with animals… like a professional puppy trainer…. there would never be a bad day 

What does beauty mean to you?

Options! The attraction to this whole industry of beauty is that you can experiment and change your look depending on your mood, outfit or certain event without any consequences and that is a beautiful thing

Favourite brands 

SkinCeuticals for skincare! And IT cosmetics, Lise Watier and of course Dermablend for makeup

Favourite Store 

Hudson’s Bay & any grocery store (I love to cook and entertain)

Favourite magazine

Zink & Fashion

Favourite site

Page Six…celebrity gossip is a guilty pleasure

Favourite movie

 Kill Bill 1&2

Favourite song

 Britney Spears- Till the World Ends

Favourite celebrity

Gwen Stefani…ultimate style and beauty icon

Favorite social platform

Insta…because of memes!

Birthday wish

 to live at the ocean for the rest of my life!

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