6 Eyeliner Tools Every Cat Eye Lover Needs in Their Beauty Stash

By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
6 Eyeliner Tools Every Cat Eye Lover Needs in Their Beauty Stash

Let us set the scene: You finish your daily skincare and face makeup routine, and now it’s time to make a gametime decision whether to fully commit to winged eyeliner or settle with a safer option like a touch of mascara and neutral shadow. If you choose the precarious winged liner path, there’s a chance things will go really wrong, even if you consider yourself an expert. As we’ve all experienced, the fate of our winged liner is either flawless and thus a rewarding risk — or a complete, messy disaster.

So if you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, or you’re just looking for a way to make your winged liner application faster (it’s time to ditch the Q-Tips, micellar water and concealer routine) we recommend checking out these six beauty-editor approved eyeliner tools, ahead.

The stamp of your winged liner dreams...

For a tool that’ll inspire you to dig up your collection of 90s rubber stamps, check out the Vamp Stamp VaVavoom Stamp, which does all of the hard work for you. You’ll need eyeliner ink (you can even get this convenient bundle package) to dip the stamp into the product, and you’ll want to make sure it’s fully coated. From there, quickly stamp the “V” notch of the stamp on the outer corner of your eye. Finish by connecting your liner across your upper eyelid and proceed to marvel at your results.


The MUA designed stencil...

The Beth Bender Cat Eyeliner Stencil was created by — you guessed it — celebrity makeup artist Beth Bender, and it’s designed to work on all different eye shapes. For the perfect wing, place the stencil over your eyelid and follow the black guideline along the cat eye stencil shape. The stencil can also help you apply your bottom liner and map out your smoky eye look.


The on-the-go kit to do your wing anywhere...

If you’re looking for a portable kit that gives you the tools to do your winged liner basically anywhere (seriously, you name it) the Beautyblender Liner Designer is reliable option. In addition to the triangular liner tool that will stay in place on your skin, the kit also contains a 5x magnifying mirror and suction cup so that your tool can stick to any surface.


The temporary eyeliner tattoo you didn’t know you needed…

Violent Lips is a company dedicated to creating lip and eye tattoos that look like you did all of the work. We’re currently loving Violent Eyes in Pink Romance Glitteratti, a violet meets pink ombré liner. Each temporary tattoo packet comes with four different eyeliner styles that are smudge-proof and last for up to 16 hours.


The magical eraser that has your back…

Yes, makeup erasers do exist — just check out the Lashfood Chamomile Makeup Eraser Pen. It’s strong enough to fix up even waterproof formulas, including eyebrows mistakes, too much liquid lipstick and of course, liquid liner.


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