It’s Here! The Essie Spring 2018 Collection Will Make You Want to Take a Seaside Vacation

March 20, 2018
Marisa Petrarca
By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
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We’re as impatient as it gets when it comes to waiting for the release of seasonal Essie polish shades — potentially even more restless than we are for the actual change of seasons itself. In celebration of the first day of spring, we’re here to celebrate the new spring 2018 collection, featuring six limited-edition shades inspired by the ultimate seaside vacation. As much as the brand’s winter collection still holds a special place in our heart, we’re ready to embrace new shades like a red-orange color named Essie At the Helm, an intense teal green called Stripes & Sails and a pretty coral pink one named Perfect Mate.

Ahead, check out two looks we’re loving, created using the new polish shades:

Mesmerizing Waves 1. After a thin layer of Essie First Base Base Coat, apply two coats of Perfect Mate. 2. Dip a striping brush in Stripe and Sails and polish wavy, curvy horizontal lines across each nail to mimic the motion of waves.  3. Add dimension to the waves by tracing the high planes of the curves with Pass-Port To Sail using a striping brush. 4. Seal with Essie Speed Setter Top Coat


Windswept Ombré

1. After a thin layer of Essie First Base Base Coat, polish a diagonal french tip of Pass-Port To Sail with a striping brush. 2. Dip a small detail brush in Anchor Down and polish quick, diffused dashes from the side of the nail to the middle. 3. Repeat step 2 with at the helm but on the other side of the tip, moving upwards and to the middle of the nail. Make sure to leave the middle. 4. Seal with Essie Speed.Setter Top Coat. 5. Rita’s pro fingertip: if you over-do the dashes, you can always diffuse the lines by going back with the original shade, Pass-Port To Sail and polishing small dashes in the middle to clean it up.


Each shade costs $9 and they're currently available on

See all the shades in action ahead:

Hero Image Courtesy Essie

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