YSL Beauty's MYSLF Makes Me Smell Sporty

November 28, 2023
By: Stephen Rubino | Makeup.com by L'Oréal

In our column, New to Me, writer and editor Stephen Rubino puts the newest and buzziest beauty products to the test, offering up his honest thoughts on how they perform and if they’re really worth adding to your shopping cart. 

I don’t envy fragrance-makers. (Okay, I do a little bit, because it seems like an interesting job, to be honest.) But hear me out: I can only imagine how challenging it would be to blend up a classic scent that’s not boring or stuffy, or a modern fragrance without seeming totally chaotic.   I’m hardly a scent expert myself, but I’ve been dipping my toe in recently when I was looking for an everyday fragrance that wouldn’t overwhelm me. My pick: YSL Beauty's MYSLF, their eau de parfum for men.

YSL Beauty MYSLF Review

MYSLF is the brand’s attempt at making a modern fragrance, a slight departure from a company known for traditional styles. The scent combines woody and floral fragrances with a clean, fresh top note that’s almost citrusy. Most importantly, they claim that it’ll have a different effect on each person’s natural smells, resulting in a fragrance that complements your natural musk. 

My initial impression of the smell was that it smelled clean, sporty, and… slightly European? Maybe those are just my associations, but I was into the lightness and the musky balance between wood and the fresh bergamot top notes. It definitely struck the right balance of old-school and modern, and cooled off into a relaxed scent as the day went on. The initial fragrance was somewhat powerful for someone who doesn’t normally wear cologne (that may just be the eau de parfum effect), but once it settled in I felt great. In my mind, YSL Beauty struck the right tone with their MYSLF scent, and I’m rocking it for the time being.

(Visual Designer: Juliana Campisi )