8 TikTok Hacks That’ll Help You Stop Biting Your Nails

August 09, 2021
Caitlyn Martyn
By: Caitlyn Martyn | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
how to stop biting your nails according to tiktok

If you’re an anxious nail biter like me, you’re no stranger to a messed up manicure. The second I get stressed, I start biting at my fingernails, making it hard for me to grow my nails out or get trendy nail art at the salon. So, I headed to TikTok — my go-to source for hacks — in search of a solution. Ahead, find the hacks from TikTok that helped me break my nail biting habit once and for all. 

Wear Bitter Nail Polish

Break your nail-biting habit by wearing a bitter nail polish, like the Mavala Stop Deterrent Nail Treatment or the Orly No Bite Nail Bite Deterrent. As seen in this TikTok, all you have to do is brush the clear enamel polish onto your nail beds. The bitter taste it leaves in your mouth will be enough for you to quit biting for good — trust me.
Orly No Bite Nail Bite Deterrent

Spritz on Perfume

If you don’t have bitter polish on hand, TikTok user @emma.nails0 explains that spraying perfume on her fingernails works just the same. You’ll smell the fragrance before you get the chance to bite, which becomes a physical reminder to stop biting your nails. Plus, you’ll smell great!

Put Lotion on Your Nails 

Similar to spraying perfume on your nails, this lotion trick can keep you from biting your nails as well. We recommend applying a small amount of the Kiehl’s Deluxe Hand & Body Cream in Coriander on each nail to deter you from biting, especially if you’re team anti-cilantro. 

Use the Bandage Method

TikToker @drcharlesmd1 recommends covering nails with a bandage for 21 days. Why 21 days? Well, it’s believed that habits are formed by completing a task for 21 days in a row, so in theory, this hack could help discourage your nail-biting habit. 

Tape Your Fingers 

I trust @parabellbeauty1’s nail advice without question, I mean, have you seen her nails?. In this video, she suggests wrapping clear tape around your fingers to enforce a “no bite zone.” Although it’s very similar to the aforementioned bandage trick, it isn’t as obvious and will help you fly a little more under the radar while trying to kick your biting habit. 

Get Your Nails Done

Give me any excuse to pamper myself and I’m in! This hack (if you can even call it that!) worked best for me. By treating myself to a salon-quality manicure, I became way less likely to bite. Not only did I not want to ruin the masterpieces on my fingernails, but I also didn’t want all the money I spent to go down the drain. 

Distract Yourself 

Try to distract yourself from biting your nails. It’s easier said than done, but toying with a fidget spinner or squeezing a stress ball can be effective in keeping your hands busy when you get the urge to bite. 

Keep Your Mouth Busy With Gum

Keeping your mouth busy is another way to ween yourself off of biting your nails. With something else to chew on, like gum, you’ll forget to bite your nails in no time. 

Photographer: Chaunte Vaughn

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