3 Budget-Friendly Moisturizers for All Skin Types -
Winter is almost here and with the temperatures getting colder it’s important that we are moisturizing our skin properly. It’s easy for skin to get dry and dehydrated this time of year but you don’t necessarily need to invest in a pricey night cream to properly care for your skin. There are quite a few moisturizers on the market that will help to hydrate your skin no matter your skin typw without breaking the bank!

If you have oily skin, try the L’Oreal Paris Oily Hydra Genius. Inspired by Korean technology, this moisturizer is like a boost of water for your skin! It has a refreshing gel texture that absorbs quickly. The formula works to mattify the skin while also keeping it soft and hydrated. It layers great under makeup too, so you can keep your skin shine-free throughout the day while hydrating it at the same time!

If you have normal to combination skin, try the Garnier SkinActive Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream. This moisturizer locks in moisture for 24 hours and smoothes the skin. The formula contains antioxidant fruit water to replenish your skin’s moisture. This helps defend it from external aggressors. The lightweight gel-cream texture is absorbed instantly to help maintain your skin’s moisture barrier and protect against dryness!

If you have dry skin, try the Garnier Moisture Bomb Gel Cream. This moisturizer re-plumps and hydrates the skin for 48 hours! The formula contains potent antioxidants to help minimize the effects of long, busy days and external aggressions. It provides intense hydration and feels really soothing on dry, irritated skin. 

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