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With the arrival of fall, it's natural for us to start gravitating toward deeper hues for our makeup. This often means spending more time getting ready in the morning than we did in the summer. We trade our effortless bronzed look with a touch of gloss for looks that demand a little more time to wear.

For those who want to fully embrace the fall makeup trends but still want time to do their hair, it can be a challenge some mornings. That's where these 3 hairstyles come in to play. Each of the looks follows the fall trends and you can do them at home in just 10 minutes or less!

Loose, wispy tendrils
This is as simple as throwing your hair up either into a ponytail or a bun and leaving some pieces out to frame your face. Take a curling wand to curl the pieces left out and then brush through them for soft waves that look super pretty. The great thing about this look is that you can very easily dress it up or down. It can be worn to the office or to a party as it looks put together without being too formal. This style really draws attention to the eyes and frames the face quite nicely.

Top knot
This hairstyle looks effortless, but can sometimes take a couple tries to get it looking perfect. Try working a bit of hairspray into your hair before putting it up. This will give it some grip and texture, making it easier to put your hair up. Choose a frizz managing hairspray like L’Oreal Paris Studio Pro Lock It Pro Flexible Hairspray to help keep your flyaways under control so your top knot looks extra sleek.

A simple side braid
This hairstyle only takes a couple minutes and is great for masking hair that needs to be washed. Second (or even third) day hair works really well for this style as the hair has a bit more grip to it naturally. This makes it so the braid will hold longer. As a precautionary measure though, you could spritz some hairspray over the completed style for extra hold as well as to manage any potential flyaways.


Wispy Tendrils

 Top Knot

 Simple Braid

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