Aug 10, 2017


Flower Eyeliner: Three Ways to Get the Ultimate Spring Look

My makeup routine is pretty standard-issue. A little tinted moisturizer, blush, mascara, the occasional red lip, and I'm good to go. Granted, as a beauty writer I've learned the advanced art of the tap-tap needed to apply flawless cream blush, and gained a keen eye required to identify blue-tinted red lipstick to match my undertones. But otherwise, I'm a basic biotch when it comes to my product repertoire. I like to think of it as minimalist chic.

So when I was asked to apply Seurat-like floral designs to my eyelids, I hesitated (heck, I can barely do a black cat eye), but accepted for the sake of beauty enthusiasts everywhere. Was the floral eyeliner makeup trend sweeping Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest do-able for mere mortals? And if it was, would I look like a wannabe club kid outside of my apartment? Read on to find out.

Flower Eyeliner: Prepping Pointers

To ensure a clean canvas, I primed my lids for each look using:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Applied gently with my finger from lash line to brow bone, this shadow glue uses space-age polymer technology to hold makeup in place.

NYX Professional Cosmetics Nude Matte Shadow in Lap Dance. Use a fluffy shadow brush to sweep the color onto lids once the primer has set (you can also use a shimmery gold base to really amp up the setting!).

Lancôme Grandiôse WaterProof Mascara Like the Swiss Army knife of mascara, this one lengthens, darkens lashes, separates them, and lasts through a sweat – or crying – session.

Look 1: The Garden Party

What You’ll Need:

Lancôme Le Stylo Waterproof Liner in Vert Tuileries, L'Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Eyeliner in Electric Blue, Maybelline New York MasterPrecise Ink Liquid Liner in Solar Gold and Cosmic Purple  

How to Do It:

Applying the green pencil "backdrop" for the flowerbed proved to be a little thorny. But once I stabilized my elbow by resting it on the counter, the line went on smoothly. To create the perfect extended point, I used a business card as a guide (a little beauty hack!). Next, I used purple and blue liquid liner to craft the dots that the YouTube stars said would be useful in making the detail. It's crucial to shake each liquid liner before use to get the richest color. Four dots per flower with a gold one in the center and voilà! It yielded something resembling flowers but also something that could be a tie-died tribute to rock 'n' roll. I wore the liner all day through steamy, frizz-inducing heat and it didn't bleed or migrate to the crease.

Would I wear it IRL?

Probably not. It looked "interesting" (read: ridiculous) – or to me like a blobby mess – which is not what I’m going for while making Target runs. Although the check out lady, who had no knowledge of my experiment, did compliment my "rainbow makeup." Either way, I think I'll leave this gardenscape to the pros.

Look 2: Floating Flowers

What You’ll Need:

Maybelline New York MasterPrecise Ink Liquid Liner in Solar Gold, Cosmic Purple, and Teal Galaxy, and L'Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Eyeliner in Electric Blue


How to Do it:

By round two I'd picked up a few tricks. One, wiggle the dots out a bit to make each petal more realistic. Two, start with the flowers at the center (rather then at the inner corner of the eye) and build out into the corner and down to make the arrangement more visible. The liquid liners with the stiffest points allow for the most control. I used the Georgia O'Keefe-style of painting to apply 10+ flowers in blue, green, and purple liquid liner with a shimmery gold stamen, and boy was it a fresh bouquet. After stepping back and admiring my work (#HumbleBrag), my confidence had blossomed. I also recognized that this versatile look could easily translate into a fun cheetah print if you swapped in orange, black, and gold.

Would I wear it IRL?

You bet! Maybe it was because my very honest boyfriend told me he "loves it," or maybe because it just looks so darn cool, I'd definitely wear the liner to a fun event with the right outfit like a white jumpsuit or little black dress. And to make it stand out, I'd keep all other makeup and jewelry to a minimum – this kind of artwork demands the spotlight.

Look 3: The White Picket Fence and Spring Blooms

What You’ll Need:

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Eyeliner in White Party and Electric Blue and Maybelline New York MasterPrecise Ink Liquid Liner in Solar Gold, Cosmic Purple, and Teal Galaxy

How to do it:

By my third floral liner attempt, I was feeling pretty sure of my skills. The look started with your garden-variety white pencil liner. I used it alone my top lash line from inner to beyond the outer corner of my eyes. I added larger liquid liner flowers with extra-long wings and only inserted the gold center to select blooms to mix things up. To get really imaginative, I wound green vine or stem-like liquid liner towards the wing and down near the bridge of my nose (I know, from shaky amateur to bold makeup guru in the blink of an eye!), and out beyond the outer corners of my eyes. Did it look exactly like the examples I saw on Pinterest? No. Did it still feel like a success? Yes!

Would I wear it IRL?

Yes, but not every day. It’s a statement look that would be appreciated at a girl’s night out or at a fun concert with the rest of the look remaining neutral. If I needed a conversation starter for a potentially awkward event, I’d pop on this eye for an instant icebreaker. But again, day to day I’d probably get a few side eyes running errands with the wild wings, so I’ll keep this in my back pocket for special


The Verdict: None of my floral liner shots are going to go viral in the beauty blogosphere. But for a girl who draws stick figures as people, completing these mini masterpieces felt like an accomplishment. And for something that really only took five minutes to pull off, even in a blurry, abstract kind of way, it seems like a small commitment to be able to try a new beauty trend. So, with minimal effort – and without having to shell out too much dough since you can get some of the liners for less than $10 – it's worth trying at home. 



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