Second to primer, foundation is the most important step in your makeup routine. Just like a house of cards, if you cut corners while applying foundation, everything else that follows could crumble.

Follow these makeup tips and tricks for long-lasting foundation that maintains a flawless appearance from day to night.

Hack #1. Let Your Moisturizer Fully Absorb 

Before you even think of laying your hands on a foundation brush or makeup sponge, give your moisturizer a few extra minutes to completely absorb into your skin, otherwise you may end up with “streaky” makeup. It’s okay, we’ve all been guilty of this foundation mistake.

Hack #2. Pick the Right Primer

You’re busy running the world, we get it. And adding another step to your makeup routine sounds daunting, but trust us, makeup primers make all the difference. Use this primer guide to find the right formula, and just mix a dab right in with your foundation to save time!

Hack #3. “Bake” Your Makeup

By now you’ve probably heard the term “baking” your makeup, and this setting technique has taken off in a big way for good reason. As the video shows, baking involves layering setting powder over your foundation and concealer application, resulting in a flawless, porcelain-like finish that can last through anything. And we mean, anything.

Here’s how our model Jessica “bakes” her makeup!

Step 1. Mix Primer & Foundation 

After applying moisturizer and letting it fully absorb, mix primer and foundation on the back of your hand.

Step 2. Apply Mixture to Skin

Using a stippling brush, apply the mixture to skin—don’t forget to apply behind your ears and around your neck and jawline to prevent distinct lines!

Step 3. Apply Concealer

Using a small brush, apply concealer to your under eye area, and around your nose and mouth.

Step 4. Use a Makeup Sponge

Swap out your brush for a makeup sponge and dip it into your loose setting powder. Don’t be shy, load it with powder!

Pro Tip: Using a sponge instead of a brush for this step allows for more precise application when “pressing” the powder onto skin.

Step 5: Apply Setting Powder

Apply the powder to your forehead, chin and undereye area.

Step 6: Time to Bake

We know it looks funny, but allow your powder to bake or “cook” like a batch of chocolate chip cookies! Wait about five minutes, and in the meantime, you can apply your eyeshadow, liner and mascara.

Step 7: Swipe It Away

Using a fluffy kabuki brush, dust off the excess powder. Can you saw F.L.A.W.L.E.S.S.?

Hack #4. Finish Off with Setting Spray

After baking and dusting away powder, set your foundation with a weightless setting spray to give your makeup some serious staying power.


Are you ready to bake your makeup? Tell us what you thought of this makeup hack in the comments below!

Makeup: Marjan Tabibzada
Model: Jessica Mann

Video: Jessica Schramm


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