The Gatsby-inspired 1920s costume is a Halloween classic, and for good reason: It’s fun and chic. And if done correctly, you’ll look as cool as a character in a Ryan Murphy pilot. We’ve rounded up the best YouTube flapper tutorials to transport you to the roaring ‘20s — feathers, emphasized cupid’s bows and all.


 The Classic Flapper Makeup


Step 1: She starts off her tutorial by priming her face with the Urban Decay De Slick Spray and a mix of regular primer.


Step 2: She then fills in her brows with a brow pomade, and creates the typical thin, round 1920s shape.


Step 3: Next, she primes her eyes with a sparkly silver shade; Jacky recommends the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Meow for this step. She then sets this creamier base with a silver glitter on top.


Step 4: Grabbing the L’Oréal Paris La Palette Nude 2, she adds dimension to her crease – and follows up with Noir from the IT Cosmetics Pretty Palette in the outer crease, with a mix of another L’Oréal Paris purple tone.


Step 5: Next, Jacky lines her eyes in a crisp cat-eye, and adds lashes, and coats them with the NYX Professional Makeup XXL Mascara.


Step 6: Jacky next applies her foundation and the NYX Professional Makeup HD Lavender Concealer to achieve a powdery white complexion.


Step 7: Jacky contours her face with a liquid bronzer and powder highlight – and continues to set her whole face with a white powder.


Step 8: Finally, Jacky lines her lips into a rounded, heart shape – emphasizing her cupid’s bow with three dimensional reds.


 Gatsby Hair How- To


Step 1: After washing and blow-drying, put your hair in hot rollers.


Step 2: After removing your rollers, tease out your hair with dry shampoo – being sure to focus on the top and sides.


Step 3: Next, part your hair to the side, and place an elastic hairband around your head like a crown.


Step 4: Proceed to grab the furthest forward section of your hair and tuck it under the elastic, moving along with this step until all of your hair is tucked into a neat roll.


Step 5: Tease a couple of the front sections where your hair is parted.


Step 6: Finish it off with a cute feather clip and set it with a hairspray.


 A Zombie (!!!!) Flapper


Step 1: Nikki begins by prepping her face with the IT Cosmetics CC Cream.


Step 2: After applying primer, foundation and concealer to her face – and proceeds to sweep a burgundy purple shade across her under eye, in her cheekbone sockets, on

her temples and neck to make her skin appear older and more zombie-like.


Step 3: Next, Nikki uses a grey shadow to fill in her lid and crease, and follows up with a soft silver glitter on the lid.


Step 4: Line your waterline with the NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, and coat your lashes with mascara.


Step 5: To add some more dimension to her zombie features, Nikki adds maroon gloss under her eyes and lines her lips with a deadly red in a rounded shape. She follows up

her lip look with a matching burgundy matte liquid lippie.


Step 6: Nikki finished off her look by adding final shadows to her neck.





About the Author:Alanna Martine Kilkeary is a native New Yorker and an assistant beauty editor at She has had the opportunity to grace the digital pages of Harper's BAZAAR, Rolling Stone and Teen Vogue with her words and skills. She runs a literary infused fashion blog in her free time, her heart belongs to William Shakespeare, and most importantly, she believes that Wes Anderson should serve as art director for the entire universe.

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