Best Foundations With Sunscreen |

Say it with us: Sunscreen is key. While that seems like a no-brainer in the warmer summer months, this mantra is a non-negotiable all year round. And while it’s important to layer your regular SPF underneath your face makeup every day, it also doesn’t hurt to have a little extra coverage in your foundation, too.

It’s important to remember that while foundations with SPF provide an added layer of protection, they should never take the place of your tried-and-true daily sunscreen. Before we recommend our faves, we’ll address the elephant in the room: flashback. Foundations with SPF tend to have a higher incidence of flashback, but if you stick to sunny photos and avoid direct flash you’ll be just fine. Plus, these formulas are so good, we doubt you’ll get any anyway.  

So without further ado, peep our favorite picks, ahead.

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