The Perfect Back-To-School Makeup Tutorial for You — According to a Beauty Vlogger

By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
The Perfect Back-To-School Makeup Tutorial for You — According to a Beauty Vlogger

We have a feeling you’ve taken a deep dive into the world of makeup tutorials for beauty inspiration, maybe once, or maybe one thousand times (we fall in the latter). It’s just all too easy to jump from video to video to be left wondering where you started, how you managed to already spend two hours drowning in videos and if you’ve actually gathered any valuable information at all. If this sounds familiar and you’re headed back to school (or a normal work week!), we’re here to make your life a little easier by leaving little to no room for you to get distracted this time around.

Ahead, check out six of our favorite YouTube tutorials from beauty vloggers to inspire your fall 2018 makeup look. For best results, open each one in a new tab and have a notebook (or your notes app?) at the ready.

For a Flawless Face in 10 Minutes

Beauty vlogger Roxette Arisa proves that you can throw together a flawless face of makeup in ten minutes or less. She calls this look natural-esque because it’s definitely a little more on the glamorous side. A few must-have products she uses are the Maybelline TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen, Plumper Please LipStudio Plumper and the Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette.


The Tutorial You Need If You’re Running Late

In addition to some helpful back to school advice, James Charles walks viewers through a simple, comfortable everyday routine. He recommends recreating this one if you slept late and are in a rush, but it’s also ideal if you want to look put together without the stress of a full-face look.


An In-Between Makeup Look Perfect for Everyday Wear

Alissa Ashley recently collabed with NYX Professional Makeup to bring the brand’s new Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation to life. To get an inbetween minimalist and maximalist makeup look, she uses the foundation to create a flawless base. From there, she completes her look with some staples like neutral eyeshadow, liquid liner, bronzer, lip gloss and mascara.


A 20-Minute Look Featuring All Drugstore Makeup and Tools

For everyday makeup, Allie Glines uses all drugstore makeup and tools to create a natural, yet put-together look. This one’s also great if going back to school is a thing of the past (same) and you’re looking to establish a personalized work makeup routine.


A Full-Glam Look for Picture Day

If you’re not playing around on picture day, you should check out this tutorial from Carla Stevenné. It’s certainly a full-glam look, including a sharp contour, falsies and pink eyeshadow. Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, pull a few tips from Carla’s tutorial or recreate it step by step.


Two Maybelline Looks From the Pros

Superstar beauty influencers NikkieTutorials and Nabela Noor walk us through two different back to school makeup looks using Maybelline products like Great Lash Mascara, SuperStay Matte Ink and Baby Lips Lip Balm.


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