The Best Lip Tutorials for a Pout that Stands Out

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The Best Lip Tutorials for a Pout that Stands Out

With so many lip colors and textures out there, there’s never been a better time to be a girl. That being said, many of us still choose to play it safe and stick to our same old look of tinted lip balm and/or clear gloss. Boring! Why limit yourself to a life of one lip color? We don’t want this for you.

It’s time to switch it up and embrace the plethora of lip looks at our fingertips. To inspire you to get brave with your lipstick, we’re bringing you the top lip tutorials that will have your lips ready to pucker up! We’ve got looks for any and all occasions that range from dark, matte lips to glittery, vibrant pouts. Get ready to get brave with your lipstick! You’re welcome!

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Summer-Proof Makeup: How to Make Lipstick Last how to make lipstick last

Lipstick often likes to play hide and seek with our lips. We’re over playing games with lip color, so we’re showing you how to make your lippie last. Get ready to kiss your lipstick woes goodbye!

Tuesday Tutorial: How to Create the Perfect Cupid’s Bow how to create a cupid's bow

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a natural cupid’s bow (or any shape at all for that matter). You know what they say: Fake it ‘til you make it!. Learn how to create the perfect cupids and add some definition and shape to your lips!

1-Minute Makeover: Plump Your Pout how to plump your pout

Sometimes lips just need a little plumping up. But, before you reach for those tingly,  sticky lip plumpers, try a little smoke and mirrors act. Check out this trick on how to plump your pout in one minute!

How to Rock Really Dark Lipstick (the Right Way) dark lipstick

Dark lipstick hues like wine, deep plum and chocolate brown are all the rage right now. Yet, when done wrong, can make you look like Morticia Addams (and not in a good way). Find out how to rock those deep maroons and purples, without scaring the daylights out of people!

Bold Lips: How to Wear Dark Lipstick During the Day bold lips during the day

Dark lipstick should not be confined to cold, wintery nights. Give your dark lipstick some time in the sun by learning how to wear it well throughout the day! Trust, us -- you may never go back to coral lipstick!

How To: Rock Glitter Lips how to wear glitter lipstick

Many of us avoid glitter makeup like the plague because we associate it with childhood years filled with baby buns and platform sneakers. We get it. But, it’s time to remove glitter from this unfair stereotype and try it out as an adult… starting with your lipstick. Find out how to wear glitter on your lips and look AMAZING.

Tuesday Tutorial: Two-Toned Lips two toned lipstick

Variety is the spice of life, right? So why do we only limit ourselves to one lip color each day. Mix it up and try pairing to shades for a super chic and wearable lipstick look! Check out our how to on two-toned lipstick!

How to Make Black and Blue Lipstick Wearable

black lipstick

Blue and black lipstick are not the typical go-to lip colors we naturally gravitate toward. Recently, however, these two shades made quite a statement on the runway and red carpet -- and we’re obsessed. We found out how to make blue and black totally wearable and totally fabulous!

'90s Flashback: Frosted Lips frosted lipstick

No matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to let go of the ‘’90s and all the amazing things it represented: the Spice Girls, chokers, baby tees and, our personal fave, frosted lipstick. Call us suckers for nostalgia, but we refuse to move on from those icy lip colors that dominated our pouts for much of our childhood. Check out our frosted lip revival!

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