This Goth Lip is Perfect for Friday the 13th

By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
This Goth Lip is Perfect for Friday the 13th

It may not be Halloween yet, but we spy a great spooky makeup opportunity in the near future...

Friday the 13th certainly makes us feel some type of way. It brings to mind slasher films, black cats and nightmare-inducing masks, which is generally not how we like our pre-weekend thinking to go down. Nevertheless, this holiday of sorts gives us a great excuse to specially coordinate our makeup with the day’s creepy aesthetic.

So whether you’re hiding from the day tomorrow or embracing it in every way possible, you might as well dress up for the occasion. Ahead, discover a black-to-red ombre lipstick tutorial by Hannah Hospital to re-create on Friday the 13th to scare (and impress) all of your friends.

Here's How To Get The Look:  1. Using a red matte liquid lipstick, apply to the center of your lips and let the product dry. 2. Take a flat lip brush, and pick up some black liquid lipstick. 3. Trace your lips with black. 4. Fill the bottom corners of your lips with the black lip color. 5. Using your flat brush, slowly drag the black color that’s left on your brush into the red.  6. Once it’s dragged towards the red, take your red matte liquid lipstick again and put some on your flat brush. Dab the brush around the edges of your lips over the black. 7. Apply a different shade of red in the middle of your lips to brighten your lips a bit.

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