We Reimagined These Iconic Disney Princess Makeup Looks As Youtube Tutorials

We Reimagined These Iconic Disney Princess Makeup Looks As Youtube Tutorials

If you’ve ever felt like you were meant to be a Disney princess (TBH, same), or personally identify with their entire aesthetic, then maybe you should let your spirit princess guide your makeup routine, too. Every princess has a signature look — whether it’s Snow White’s iconic red lips or Belle’s effortless French girl beat — and can be adapted so you can try it for yourself. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the princesses by personalities, and the makeup tutorials you should try to get the look.

Ariel: The Collector

If Ariel was traipsing around in 2018, we’re willing to bet she’d have a makeup collection to rival Sephora’s stock room. She’s a collector by nature, so expect to find every new eyeshadow palette and buzzy lip color in her stash. Even though she has enough products to make your head spin, we like to think she takes a more subtle approach to makeup. Cue this everyday makeup tutorial by LustreLux, a no-fuss yet glowy look you can rock every day.



Belle: French Girl Beauty

When she’s not transforming beasts into handsome princes, we suspect Belle is rocking a classic French Girl look. That means little foundation, glowy skin and a statement lip to make sure she stands out. Get the look with this tutorial by Violette_fr, the ultimate French Girl YouTuber.



Mulan: Boy Beat
With her robust military career, Mulan has little time for makeup — making the boy beat trend a perfect fit. To get the look we recommend this tutorial by Sarah Cheung —it’s easy to do on the go and looks effortless once applied.



Snow White: Classic Makeup

When we hear Snow White, the first thought that comes to mind is her iconic red lip. Arguably the most classic makeup look of all time, we’ve picked a tutorial by Nazanin Kavari that will never go out of style.


Cinderella: Full Princess Glam

If there’s a princess who has totally “glowed up,” it would have to be Cinderella. She was able to turn threads and pumpkins into a gown and a chariot. Now that she has a taste of a full face beat and thick lashes, there’s no way she’s ever going back. We like to think she’s going full glam every chance she gets and rocking looks like the one in the tutorial ahead.


Aurora: Lazy Girl Makeup

As the queen of absurdly long naps, Aurora (also known as Sleeping Beauty), needs a makeup routine she can slap on as soon as she rolls out of bed. Enter this no-fuss, 5-minute makeup tutorial by Amanda Ensing so you can look put together in just a few swipes.


Jasmine: Arab-Inspired Glam

Known for her adventurous streak and daring attitude, we like to think that Jasmine would rock a bold, glam look. Cue this glittery purple eyeshadow look by ShadeyBangs that’s sure to turn heads.


Pocahontas: Minimalist No-Makeup Makeup

Pocohantas’s beauty definitely speaks for itself, so we see her rocking a no-makeup makeup look that highlights what she already has. We like this simple but stunning sunkissed look by Sian Lilly that you can rock all year round.


Tiana: Instagram Glam

As the owner of a successful restaurant, we like to think that Tiana’s makeup is always ready for the gram. To get the look, we recommend this Instagram Baddie look by Tovalisha — it’s polished and pretty without being over the top.

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