The Best Eye Shadow Tutorials for Hazel Eyes

The Best Eye Shadow Tutorials for Hazel Eyes

For hazel eyed babes, your green-ish, brown-ish eyes are not only stunning, they’re perfect for playing with an assortment of eyeshadows. Rich, earthy tones work best (we love the Maybelline City Mini Palette in Urban Jungle) but you can also play with finishes to really add dimension to your look. Metallics (particularly gold and bronze) really bring out the gold in your eyes while rosy, matte shades are perfect for romantic eye looks.

Peep our favorite eyeshadow tutorials for hazel eyes, ahead:

If you need some inspiration, try this romantic, rosy look by Shonagh Scott — it’s perfect for a glam night out.

Beauty guru Jaclyn Hill proves that hazel eyes can rock fiery shades too in the easy-to-follow tutorial, below:


Follow Shaaanxo’s everyday makeup routine — she plays with warm orange shades and terracotta browns to really make her hazel eyes pop.


Beauty guru Erin Scott mesmerizes in her Youtube tutorial thanks to her hazel eyes. We love the pink and brown shades — they’re flattering and perfect for everyday eyeshadow looks.

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