The Best Faux-Bleached Brow Tutorials On the Internet

By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | by L'Oréal
The Best Faux-Bleached Brow Tutorials On the Internet

You’ve seen it on the high-fashion runways and in the pages of your favorite magazine — an eyebrow trend that capitalizes on its ability to appear invisible. The bleached brow is an ethereal makeup trend that totally changes the makeup game, but the commitment of actually bleaching your brows is certainly an intimidating one (not to mention, we don’t all have stylist magicians on hand to create the look for one fleeting event). So, we’ve rounded up the best makeup tutorials that can teach you how to forge the look — without a drop of real bleach required!

This Bleached-Out Brow


Step 1: James starts off blocking out his brows with a mixture of orange and nude concealer. He applies the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer onto a disposable spoolie and combs through his brows.

Step 2: To set his brows, he sets his brows with a fluffy powder brush.


This Neutralized Brow


Step 1: Jordan starts by applying a peach corrector base on top of each brow to neutralize the brows.

Step 2: Next, Jordan goes in over the brows with a regular nude concealer that matches his model’s skin tone.

Step 3: He then sets this look with a powder light beige eyeshadow. The key here, he notes, is to over-apply! (Going against all “less is more” practices).


This Nude Tude Brow


Step 1: Ateia starts out with a light nude concealer and a small concealer brush. She then applies it to her brow, working from her inner most brow to her outermost brow.

Step 2: Next, she uses a shade darker concealer to clean up around her brow.

Step 3: Finally, she goes in with a beige-y orange shade to set her bleached out look. She uses a darker shadow in her eye makeup to further the illusion.

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