8 Halloween Makeup Looks for You and Your Group of BFFs

8 Halloween Makeup Looks for You and Your Group of BFFs

As many girls with big friend groups know, finding a good group Halloween costume is up there with scheduling brunch around five different packed Google cals. In other words, it can be at the least difficult and at the most impossible. But just like there are those unicorn Sundays that open up once every three months, there’s hope for a group costume for you and your best girls. We’ve rounded up our fave group costumes for Halloween ahead (perfect for four friends or more) — with the perfect makeup tutorial to help you get the look.

A Gossip of Mermaids

One mermaid is fun, but four or more is pretty magical. Grab your girl gang, and get color coordinated fins for the upcoming All Hallow’s Eve — bonus points if you bring your own perching rocks. For makeup inspo, try this easy mermaid makeup look by RhiannonClaire. You can even swap out the colors to match your tail.


Whether you’re obsessed with the movie or have major 90s nostalgia,Trolls are pretty much the perfect Halloween costume for you and your girls. With hair in every color of the rainbow and endless inspo from the film, you can put your own playful spin on the costume while keeping that signature Troll look. If you really want to get into character (ears and all), try this fire tutorial by Charisma Star.


The Inside Out Gang

Perfect for a girl gang with lots of different personalities, the Inside Out Gang is a fun way to wear your mood all over. Try this tutorial by dope211 to get the look — she creates all of the characters’ looks using makeup and a willing group of friends.


Power Rangers

If the Power Rangers aren’t a badass girl gang in disguise, then we don’t know what is. The full spandex bodysuits are automatically fly, and you can rock the look sans mask to give your makeup the opportunity to shine.


Spice Girls

Before you and your girls start arguing about who gets to be Sporty Spice, watch this tutorial by PatrickStarr. In the video, he partners up with four of his fave YouTube friends who also did tutorials for each Spice Girl.


Litchfield Inmates

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen or heard a thing or two about the most famous prisoners since “Prison Break.” While they don’t rock much makeup on the inside, you and your girls can take those tan jumpsuits to the next level with the makeup tutorial, ahead:



A Witchy Coven

What’s more powerful than one witch? A coven full of witches. It’s an easy Halloween costume (you can probably make an outfit out of things you already have) and can be taken to the next level using your makeup. To get the look, break out your witchiest fit (think all black with silver accessories) and try this tutorial by Kayleigh Noelle to get a spellbinding look that’ll have everyone under your spell.


A Batch of Bachelorettes

In case you missed it, there’s a little show on television that gives a slew of bachelorettes the opportunity to win the heart of one very eligible bachelor. And while the main point of the show is to find out who he chooses at the end, the best part is getting to know the girls along the way. To get the look, pull out your fanciest clubby fit and a rose — and then try the tutorial ahead:

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