M Crowd Influencer Lonyea On How to Do a Pink Halo Smoky Eye

M Crowd Influencer Lonyea On How to Do a Pink Halo Smoky Eye

Presenting… a video by the M Crowd — the wildly talented group of makeup influencers who create exclusive content just for Makeup.com. Here, Lonyea teaches us how to achieve the trendy halo eyeshadow look.

We get it — eyeshadow can be one of the trickier makeup skills to master. It takes practice, patience, and most of all, a commitment to blending your life away. But once you’ve gotten your basics down, the world is your oyster. M Crowd influencer Lonyea, teaches you how to get the popular halo eye look, a strategic placement of eyeshadow to create the appearance of larger, rounder eyes, in the tutorial, ahead:


Step 1: Begin by prepping your skin for makeup. Starting with Lancôme Clear Plumping Lip Gloss, apply it all over your lips. Next, prime your eyelids using your favorite concealer and set the eyes with a translucent setting powder.

Step 2: Next, place a rosy-orange eyeshadow shade into your crease as a transition shade and blend.

Step 3: Then, apply a deeper pink shade under the transition shade and blend it to the outer corner of the eye. Be sure to leave the middle of your eyelid blank (that’s where the magic happens).

Step 4: Next, apply a purple brown shade into the crease and the inner and outer corners to add even more dimension to the eye. Be sure to leave the center of the lid naked.

Step 5: Using the light pink shade from the NYX Love You So Mochi Palette in Sleek and Chic Palette, pop that shade into the middle of the eyelid using a clean finger. Next, pop the champagne shade on top for added shimmer and glow.

Step 6: Tie the eye look together using IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara for an added pop.

Step 7: For your face, prime the skin using NYX Total Control Drop Primer — it’s both moisturizing and tacky to ensure your foundation stays all day.

Step 8: Next, apply your foundation all over the skin. Try the matching Total Control Drop Foundation for a match truly made in heaven.

Step 9: After, apply concealer to the high parts of your face where light tends to hit. Try Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer — an influencer, and fan-fave. Set your concealer with a translucent or flesh-toned setting powder.

Step 10: Next, add dimension and warm up the skin using bronzer and blush.

Step 11: Add glow to the high points of your face using your favorite highlighter. We recommend Lancôme Dual Finish Highlighter for a wet, luminous look.

Step 12: Now that your face is pretty much set, revisit the eyes with your blending brush and drag the pink shade underneath the eye to create a cohesive look. Punch up the drama by tightlining your eyes with a black kohl liner.

Step 13: For the lips, go in with a brown lip liner and line the lips. This is a great hack for beauty junkies who want to tone down a bright lip color and make it a little more neutral. Using the Maybelline Lip Python Kit in Provoked, apply the light pink shade all over the lips. To give the lips a little extra something, apply the metallic lip topper shade and take your lip look to the next level.

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