Pinterest-Worthy Ways to Reuse Your Empty Makeup Containers

By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
Pinterest-Worthy Ways to Reuse Your Empty Makeup Containers

Because you don’t have to say goodbye so soon...

Our makeup often becomes a part of who we are — to the point where we find it nearly impossible to let it go, even when there’s literally nothing left to use. These products just become too familiar, too pretty and too nostalgic to get rid of, so we choose to hoard them instead of disposing of them. Personally, this goes for nearly every beauty product I’ve ever owned that has pretty packaging, which is certainly becoming more and more of a problem in my tiny Brooklyn apartment.

Even though tossing your makeup after it expires is definitely an important and completely necessary thing to do, we’re all guilty of keeping products around well past that time. But that doesn’t mean the container has to go. We’ve discovered a new trend: upcycling used makeup containers —  a.k.a. continuing to hoard your old, pretty makeup by turning it into something new, exciting and most importantly, useful.

After cleaning your makeup container completely to ensure that there’s no makeup left, try one of these five Pinterest-worthy ways to reuse your used makeup containers.

1. For the old lip balm you’ve had for years... Bobby pins are practically impossible to keep track of if you don’t have an organization system in place. Store them in an old lip balm container to ensure you’ll never lose them again, and keep it in your purse for safekeeping.

2. For your makeup compact with a mirror… If your makeup compact has a mirror, you already have an alternate use for it. Store mints, hair elastics or any other small necessity in the compact so you can bring them with you on the go.


3. For your empty makeup compact without a mirror…

If your makeup compact doesn’t have a mirror, you can still store earrings, small jewelry or other small necessities in it. If your compact is sectioned, consider organizing your vitamins or pills within them.


4. For empty bottles of perfume...

Since we all know it’s way too difficult to dispose a gorgeous (and expensive) perfume bottle, transform it into a small vase. You’ll instantly turn your perfume into a piece of classy decor.

5. For powder containers…

Channel your inner DIY-enthusiast to transform your used powder containers into a pretty decorative jar.


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