5 Tutorials to Help You Master the Glitter Eyeliner Trend

By: Deven Hopp | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
5 Tutorials to Help You Master the Glitter Eyeliner Trend

Each of us has a different relationship with glitter. Some love it so much they embrace a full face of sparkly makeup on the reg, while others absolutely despise it and steer clear of it completely. There are those who wear it in small doses, like a glittery lip around the holidays or nails that stand out with a glitzy polish. No matter which category you fall into, we’re here to convince you that glitter liner is the next best makeup trend to experiment with right now. Ahead, discover five different looks that we’re loving this season — starting with the most subtle glitter eyeliner looks for those who aren’t sparkle obsessed to the most intense looks for glitter enthusiasts. For the cat eye liner enthusiast who’s not obsessed with glitter or color... If you’re a dedicated cat eye liner enthusiast, you’ll appreciate this rather subtle black glitter liner look by RawBeautyKristi — it’s perfect for NYE or a glam night out.


For the cat eye liner enthusiast who is obsessed with (or at least really likes) glitter...

Makeupartist Najla uses a shimmery eyeliner and glitter dust to create a gold glitter cat eye that’s perfect for those who love experimenting with makeup — but still like to keep it subtle.


For the holiday-color obsessed individual… Chelsea Garay’s emerald green eyeliner tutorial is ideal for those who are completely obsessed with holiday makeup — or bright colors in general. 


For the person who loves color, glitter and Urban Decay all the way...

An Urban Decay makeup artist walks us through the steps to achieve the ultimate heavy metal look using the Urban Decay Heavy Metals liner. It’s all sorts of gorgeous.


For the beauty guru who wants to turn heads...

For the boldest look of all, pair James Charles’ cranberry smoky eye with a double winged, glittery gold eyeliner and prepare to take over the world.

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