Try One of These Makeup Looks Next Time You Have a Job Interview

Try One of These Makeup Looks Next Time You Have a Job Interview

When it comes to prepping for an upcoming job interview, there are a lot of things to consider. Like what to wear, how to delicately approach your weaknesses and how soon to follow up once you finish an interview. What you might not have thought of, however, is how to do your makeup. Different jobs call for different looks, and you should tailor your makeup accordingly. While a red lip for a job interview at a makeup counter may be standard fare, you might go for something more natural when interviewing for a corporate position. We’ve rounded up the best job interview makeup tutorials on the internet — and when you should wear each one.

For Almost Every Situation

This look by Christine Du is perfect for nearly any job you’re looking to land. It isn’t particularly bold and won’t distract the interviewer but still looks like you took the time to look your best. The soft brown smoky eye paired with a neutral pink lip is office appropriate and totally chic.

For the Aspiring MUA

If your goal is to work behind a makeup counter or at a makeup store, then you need to rock a look that shows off your skills. If you need some inspo, try this look by Monroe VII, a Sephora employee who has her work look down to a science.


For a Corporate, Conservative Environment

If you’re looking to land a job in a conservative or corporate environment, take our advice — less is more. We love this look by LustreLux for conservative work environments where a subtle smoky eye and a little gloss go a long way.


For the Casual, Laid Back Job

If you’re working in an environment where makeup isn’t necessary or feels a little out of place, try this lowkey makeup look by Marie Jay. The beauty guru nails the no-makeup makeup look in less than five minutes using just a few products — creating a makeup look you’ll want to rock every day.

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