12 Makeup Techniques You Need To Know ASAP

By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
12 Makeup Techniques You Need To Know ASAP

In the new age of Instagram, makeup trends change as quickly as you can edit a selfie — and with that comes an abundance of new makeup methods and practices. Ahead, we’ve defined 12 makeup techniques that will help you keep your cosmetic lingo and technique game up to speed.

Baking: Applying translucent powder onto the hollows of your face for five to 10 minutes, allowing your foundation and concealer to really set and “bake” into the skin.

Strobing: When you layer different mediums of highlight (ex. layering powder highlight overtop a cream or liquid highlight).

Contouring: Bronzing the hollows of your face and highlighting the high points of your face with powders or creams.

Highlighting: Illuminating the high points of the face with a pearl-like, illuminating powder or liquid.

Feathering: Painting streaks with cream makeup along the inner corner of the lid into the center, creating a feathery, almost watercolor like effect.

Draping: Bringing eyeshadow beyond the bounds of the eyelid, extending into the temple and cheek.

Cut crease: Heavily defining, and essentially creating a new crease within the lid space with contrasting colors.

To “beat” your face: An achievement of 10 out of 10 flawless makeup.

Fallout: Particles of eyeshadow that fall onto the face after blending.


Stippling: Applying face makeup with short, quick, staccato movements with a flat, half dome shaped brush.

Foiling: Mixing a powdered pigment or eyeshadow with a mixing medium or setting spray to create a creamy, liquid eyeshadow.

Airbrushing: Applying face makeup with an airbrush, which gently sprays on a combination of foundation and air for a completely even coat.

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