How to Travel Without Destroying Your Makeup

By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | by L'Oréal

Spring break is calling — and while we’re excited to *finally* hit the beaches and waves, we have to admit that packing our makeup isn’t always an easy feat. To ease some of our travel anxiety, we called upon our fave girls from the M Crowd to share some tips and tricks on how to efficiently pack your makeup, brushes and all things beauty. Here’s what they had to say.

Wrap it Up

“I wrap a small hand towel around the makeup and make sure it’s packed very tightly,” Madison Murrell suggests. And it’s a great tip — you definitely want as little movement as possible to keep makeup from breaking or exploding in your carry-on.

Separate Your Products

“When I travel, I pack my foundation, concealers, primers and lip products in one bag. I keep my brushes and powder products (eyeshadows, highlighters, blushes) in separate bags and put those into my carry-on since it’s a lot riskier putting those into my checked luggage,” says Ashley Hall. “For the items I check in, I put my makeup bag in between layers of clothing to cushion it. The last thing I want is a broken foundation!” Amen to that.

Carry it All

Lonyea Maiden’s quick tip is bring as much physically with you as you can: “I usually just put as much in my carry-on book bag as possible, and whatever doesn’t fit I will wrap around towels.”

Look for a Padded Makeup Bag

“Packing makeup for travel is all about choosing the right bag. Look for a bag that’s padded and that has several different organizing pockets so that your products aren’t all thrown together,” saysMiranda Mendelson. “Separating your products up will help lessen the likelihood of them clanking together and thus, shattering. I personally like bags that fold out and hang on hooks. The layers add extra protection when folded up, and it frees up counter space when traveling!

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