This Sequined Makeup Look Is So Good We Can’t Look Away

November 30, 2017
This Sequined Makeup Look Is So Good We Can’t Look Away

You might think sequins are reserved for music festivals and DIY craft projects — and normally you’d be right, but we recently came across a sequined makeup look that is changing the game. It’s damn near wearable but definitely not for the faint of heart. Created by Sam of the power-duo Pixiwoo, this sequined look will have you obsessed with glitzy glam eye looks for years to come. The key to achieving this Insta-worthy slay? Pat McGrath’s Metalmorphosis Kit in 005. Using the pigmented shadows and the signature sequinned packaging, Sam gets creative and creates a makeup look we can’t get enough of.

A note of safety first: As fun as this look may be, be very (and by very we mean very) careful when applying sequins to your eyes. They can easily get inside your eye, and the result would not be pretty. To be safe, make sure to remove all traces of sequins once finished (ie: don’t fall asleep with them on). With that said, go forth and slay.

Watch the tutorial, ahead:


Get the look:

Step 1: Using the cream copper shadow, pop the shade all over the lid. You can use your finger like Sam or use your favorite flat shadow brush. You want these shades to pop, so concentrated is key!

Step 2: Take a shadow brush, place the gold shade in the center of the eyelid on top of the bronze shade.

Step 3: Use a fluffy shadow brush to buff more copper shadow into your crease and outer corner to create a seamless look.

Step 4: Place silver shadow in the inner corner of the eye for an extra pop of light and blend.

Step 5: Go back to the bronze shadow and carry it lightly beneath the eye.

Step 6: Take some loose sequins, cut them in half and use eyelash glue to stick them on the eye in a wing-like shape. It doesn’t need to be perfect — keep adding until you’re happy with the finished look!

Will you be trying sequins anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below!