7 Beauty Rituals No One Talks About But Everyone Does

7 Beauty Rituals No One Talks About But Everyone Does

Beauty isn’t always pretty, and sometimes it’s embarrassing to talk about — and that’s OK. It’s 2019, and we think it’s high time we pull back the curtain on some of the more “embarrassing” beauty hacks we’ve been doing for years. This doesn’t mean you need to include toe shaving in your next Instagram story, but we also wouldn’t be mad if you did.

Read on for some of the beauty rituals that we’ve been keeping under wraps, until now. Toe Shaving

Some girls are naturally hairy AF (me) and while some choose to let nature take its course (also, me), others may want to remove the small hairs that pop up in unexpected places like your knuckles, toes and underneath your chin. To remove them, a simple, clean razor will do but if you’d like to be more precise, try an eyebrow razor instead.

DIY Hair Masks

It smells funky, but at home ingredients like mayo and egg is surprisingly nourishing for a dry, frizzy mane. Love the results, but not the scent? Swap this condiment for a hydrating treatment like Kérastase Nutritive Masque Magistral Hair Mask.

Painting Over Yellowing Toenails

No one enjoys yellow toenails, unless it’s a deliberate nail polish choice. This is often caused by dark nail polishes staining your natural nails and can be easily prevented with a base coat of polish. We love Essie Here To Stay Base Coat to keep our nails polished and stain-free.

Hemorrhoid Cream for Under Eye Puffiness

Strange as it may sound, many makeup artists swear by this stuff! This popular quick-fix can temporarily soothe dark circles and tighten under-eye bags (and is a perfect solution for hangover face).

Diaper Rash Cream or Toothpaste on Zits

There are countless home remedies and beauty myths out there regarding the dreaded pimple and these household items are just two rumored zit-zappers. If anyone finds rash cream in your medicine cabinet, we suggest sticking to a tried-and-true response: deny, deny, deny.

Pepto-Bismol Face Mask

The famous pink liquid that has long been used to fight tummy aches is also said to be effective in clearing and preventing blemishes. Who knew? Want to give the pink stuff a rest? Try Kiehl’s Breakout Control Targeted Acne Spot Treatment for embarrassment-free, clear skin.

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers as Oil Blotters

Clean ones, of course! It doesn’t scream elegant, but sometimes you’re in a jam and need some immediate oil absorption. These bad boys do the trick — and don’t mess up your makeup.

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