Not Sure What to Be for Halloween? Take Our Quiz

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Not Sure What to Be for Halloween? Take Our Quiz

Because Halloween is two weeks away. That’s right – two weeks.


 Just when we think we have plenty of time left to come up with the perfect costume, Halloween manages to creep up on us and leave us in a crazy scramble. To save you from the headache of having to slave over coming up with your costume, we came up with a quiz to make your costume idea a little easier — and perfect for you.

What Should You Be For Halloween?

1. How would you describe your beauty style?  a) Feminine b) Simple c) Colorful d) Edgy  e) Experimental

2. What do you look for in a Halloween costume? a) I need to look pretty. b) I need it to be simple and something I can put together on the fly. c) I need it to dazzle. d) I need it to look extreme. e) I need something funky and fun.

3. What do your Halloween plans consist of? a) Small get-together with friends. b) Passing out candy and watching “Hocus Pocus.” c) Not sure yet, but I want to be ready! d) Big bash at a cool venue downtown. e) Office costume party, potentially followed by some bar hopping.

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much effort do you put into planning your costume? a) Although I switch it up every year, I stick to my “pretty and girly” theme every year. b) I literally decide on my costume on October 30, every year — without fail. c) I love costumes that allow me to get colorful and a little wild with my makeup. d) It's the only time I can look like a totally different person (or creature), so I take it very seriously. e) I like looks that are low-maintenance but still bring a little originality and fun to the mix. 
5. What’s your favorite thing about Halloween? a) Playing dress-up. b) Copious amounts of candy. c) Parties and parades.  d) Getting weird with your look without anyone batting an eyelash. e) Going out with friends.
6. What movie are you more inclined to watch? 

a) “Hook” b) “Hocus Pocus” c) “Moulin Rouge” d) “Night of the Living Dead” e) “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”


Mostly A’s: Fairy 


For you, Halloween is just a another opportunity to show off your girly side. And, let’s be real, every side of you is girly! This year, complement your über-feminine fairy attire with a soft-white makeup look that will have you looking like the prettiest pixie in the world!

Mostly B’s: Cat


When it comes to Halloween, you’re in it for the candy. Every year on October 31, you can be found in some sort of makeshift costume, handing out (and eating) candy while watching scary movies in your living room with your pals. Nights like this require low-maintenance ensembles and it doesn’t get much more simple than a fierce feline.


Mostly C’s: Peacock


You are all about any holiday that allows you to flex your makeup muscles. You take every Halloween as an opportunity to go glam with your look and try some new techniques and color combos. This year channel the brightest and boldest bird of the bunch: the peacock. This colorful costume allows you to step up your eye makeup game with a glam emerald smoky eye.


 Mostly D’s: Zombie 


You’re a girl who has no problem getting extreme with your makeup. In fact, as a horror movie buff (and/or Walking Dead fan) you embrace any opportunity to dress up like a flesh-eating zombie. You love that Halloween is a time to transform your look and step out of the pretty, glam box for a night. A girl’s gotta live a little .. or, rather, die a little.

Mostly E’s: Retro Doll


You’re not one for going all out with your Halloween costume, but you do like to make a bit of an effort, especially when it comes to your makeup. Take a trip back in time to the ’60s and channel your inner Twiggy. This fun “dollface” makeup look, paired with a neon mini dress and go-go boots, will have you looking like a retro supermodel.

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