The Best Waterproof Concealers — And Why You Need One

By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | by L'Oréal
The Best Waterproof Concealers — And Why You Need One

A long-lasting, crease-resistant concealer is a makeup bag staple. And if you’re living that day-to-night lifestyle, not just any kind will do — you need a waterproof concealer. Ahead, find the three reasons waterproof concealers knock all other face makeup products out of the park — as well as our favorite picks.

Because It Won’t Budge

Not only is it waterproof, sweat-proof and virtually everything-proof, but it’ll keep uneven skin, fine lines and dark circles away all day long. Waterproof concealer will keep your eyes looking big no matter how little sleep you’re getting or how active you’ll be throughout the day.  

What Pimples?

Did you cover a pimple with foundation and concealer hoping it would magically disappear … only to see it rear its ugly head once again only moments later? That’s because your makeup needs to have some serious staying power, and a waterproof concealer topped with a dab of setting powder will have everyone saying, what pimple? (We’re serious!)

Waterproof Makeup Is the New Thing

More and more, waterproof makeup — from foundation and concealer to mascara, blush, lipstick and more — is popping up everywhere as women are looking for cosmetics that will actually stay put. These new formulas will finally allow you to spend the day out in the sun, in the office or out with your gals without having to check your reflection every chance you get.

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